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The Project

VR Motion Corp is an innovative technology company that has developed an immersive and effective approach to driver training programs utilizing state of the art virtual reality tech.  The portable desktop virtual reality training system provides a cost-effective and immersive way to train, test and evaluate drivers safely before they even hit the road.  Due to the unique nature of this training program, we created a explainer video to help demonstrate this advanced technology and its many use cases. We also created additional promotional videos for the company’s various target markets to expand branding efforts.

Our Approach

We designed the video to highlight the realistic nature of the driving scenarios and provide prospective customers with an inside look at how the technology can streamline their training processes.  Across two days of filming, we created an effective and informative long form video to live on VR Motion Corp’s website, utilize in sales pitches and request for information proposals, as well as pared down versions optimized for social, a website banner and edited photos to support rebranding efforts.



As VR Motion Corp looks to expand reach and awareness of their portable desktop virtual reality driver training technology, this new video and associated assets helped to engage prospective users.  Our work demonstrated the cutting edge, hyper-realistic hardware, its ease and portability and innovative real-life training scenarios.   This new, high quality and in-depth video asset also supported client’s rebranding efforts and provided a more elevated and sophisticated look into this groundbreaking technology.



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The Result

“The team at Bridge City Media is who I count on for creative, professional, and eye-catching video.

They not only possess and artful eye for their video craft but they are also outstanding collaborators and communicators that make projects run smooth. With high quality work, keen focus on execution, and the ability to stay on-time and on-budget, I look forward to working with them again.”

— David Fosberg, Chief Marketing Officer

Erik Croswell: Director, 2nd Video

Nate Hoss: DP

Quincy Woo: Editor

Elaine Akamian: Animation

Cassidy Keola: PA

Cast: Billy Dunston and Scott Nelson