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The Project

Oregon-based insoles company SoxsolS originally reached out to film a 30-second creative commercial. But after talking with their team, we agreed that SoxsolS was in need of fresh, creative branding and marketing assets. We focused on rebranding SoxsolS as the smart solution to sweaty feet.

We produced a new web layout, created custom icons, produced a new brand and messaging guide, and produced graphic content for their Amazon listings.

Our Approach

From animators to editors to marketing specialists, we knew every team member would play a vital role in the execution of this project. We worked with on-screen talent and our illustrators to first produce a 30-second creative commercial. We then got to work on creating a brand guide, carefully designing company colors, fonts, and graphics. We paid special attention to the tone and voice when creating the company’s unique value proposition and core product attributes. Using original icons and photography, we redesigned the company website so that it followed the brand guide. Our next steps included writing and designing site blogs to boost search-engine optimization, prepping Instagram and Facebook posts and developing new graphics to use for Amazon+ content.

The Result

“WOW! Great video!!! We could not be more pleased with both the video and the photography. Thanks again for an outstanding job!”

— Stanley Tollett, Co-Founder, SoxsolS

Original Icon and Web Layout Designs

We created custom icons and an overall updated web layout that succinctly encompass the core product attributes. 



We worked with already established brand guidelines and expanded upon them through a co-creative process to produce an overall updated online brand presence.


See their full website here.


Amazon A+ Content

We produced custom copy and images to use for their Amazon listing. This was done to help with clearer communication around differences in product offerings and to highlight unique aspects of their technology.

See their full listing here.

Saleh Alzughaibi: 1st Video and Editor

Ziad Elkawlak: Photography

Mona Eskayo: Graphic Design, Marketing

Cassidy Keola: Social Media, Marketing