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Psychophysiologic Disorders Association

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The Project

The Psychophysiologic Disorders Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to end the chronic pain epidemic and opioid crisis by advancing the awareness, diagnosis and treatment of neuroplastic symptoms that affect millions worldwide. We were tasked with producing a two hour medical lesson course for them to be able to sell to industry professionals in hopes of giving essential guidance for how to properly treat many patients who experience chronic pain. The entire project happened across two filming days, but the edit happened across a few months as we also produced many unique animations and an entire version of the course with Spanish subtitles. While we are not able to share the full series online. We were also tasked with creating a video trailer to preview their education course.

Our Approach

With the help of actors and scripted scenes, we used cinematic footage and graphics to introduce the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association’s 8 part series that details case studies of patients with complex chronic illness. The vast majority of the script was provided by our client, David Clarke as it details some carefully nuanced medical cases. But we then went through and created an extensive AV script that mapped out how we would use animations, stock video, B Roll, and acted out sequences to compliment the narrative. We broke the series up into 8 sections and had five different acted scenarios that we’d visit and revisit throughout the course. We were fortunate to have worked with all of our actors before on previous projects and were confident to be able to direct them through some emotionally difficult scenes with limited time available per sequence. Our 4-5 person crew was able to keep a very tight control over a couple of filming days that ran smooth and seamlessly. And we coordinated with our client on animated sequences which were already halfway concluded by the time we got to our filming date. 
The final course ended up at almost two hours in length and it holds a careful balance between emotionally inquiring stories and detailed, medical information for care practices.

The Result

“The technical level of the production was top notch and response to my few requests for changes was rapid and accurate with completion on time and on budget.”

Mr. Croswell and his team took the time to fully understand the communication goals for my project which involved complex medical and psychological concepts. This informed their choices for sets, role-playing actors, graphics, stock video, still images and editing. The result was a consistently visually interesting final cut that was entertaining and conveyed the ideas clearly. The technical level of the production was top notch and response to my few requests for changes was rapid and accurate with completion on time and on budget. Thank you, Bridge City Media!


David Clarke, President at Psychophysiologic Disorders Association

Erik Croswell: Director, 2nd Video

Elaine Akamian: Lead Editor, Animator, Set Designer

Nate Hoss: DP

Anchitta Noowong: PA

Eduardo Jovanovic: Assistant Editor

Effy Akamian: Hair and Makeup

Scott Nelson: Actor

Signe Naranjo: Actor

Shveta Miller: Actor

Caroline Toney-Noland: Actor

Tom Beaman: Actor