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Mountaintop Metal Roofing

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The Project

Mountaintop Metal Roofing is a premier Pacific Northwest metal roofing company that serves the Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Bellingham, Portland, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene, the Oregon and Washington coasts, and surrounding areas. We were initially tasked with producing a commercial campaign video for them which ran on TV ads in the Seattle area. We were then asked to produce a longer-form explainer video to be used in their sales process with prospective clients. For the TV ad, we hired actors, and wrote out a defined script. For the explainer video, we took a more documentarian approach of getting testimonial content of their recent clients and filming ongoing job sites while also capturing a scripted narrative among key staff at the Vancouver office.

Our Approach

Using interviews, original footage and animations, we created a company video for Mountaintop Metal Roofing to use for multi-purpose platforms to expand sales opportunities with their clients. Through a combination of employee explanations and client testimonials, we showcased the heart of who Mountaintop Metal Roofing is as a company with original video content. Jon and Glenn provided us with an initial script outline and we refined it to be in the form of a sales video. We researched assets produced by some of their competitors to ensure we created a project that really stood out against competition in the marketplace. We had two filming days and visited four different locations: scripted interviews and B Roll at their office, B Roll at an active job site, and testimonials and B Roll at two of their clients’ homes. We were also provided additional testimonial content and drone footage that the company had archived. The result was a piece that strategically hits their key selling points in the product-fit determination phase for their clients. 

TV Commercial Campaign

Our first project with MMR was a TV commercial that aired for a few months in the Seattle region. With a target demographic of 60+ PNW residents, we wrote a script and pulled together a cast which showed a small story about a couple choosing to replace their roof after woes of consistent leaking.

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The Result

“We are excited for the ROI on our project and look forward to future projects with Bridge City Media”

“Working with Bridge City Media has been an an awesome experience! Developing a commercial was a new experience for our company. Erik was responsive from the moment we reached out and Nate is an amazing Cinematographer! We are excited for the ROI on our project and look forward to future projects with Bridge City Media.”


Jonathan Sanders, Marketing Manager

Erik Croswell: Producer

Anchitta Noowong: Lead Editor

Nate Hoss: DP, Editor

Eduardo Jovanovic: 2nd Video

Elaine Akamian: Assistant Editor

Karlee Boon: PA/AD