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French American International School

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The Project

For the past fours years in a row, our video campaigns have successfully helped FAIS PDX reach and exceed their annual gala fundraising goals. Weaving together stories from students, parents, and educators, our videos offer donors a look inside one of the Northwest’s largest international schools to make a compelling case for why supporting FAIS makes sense now more than ever. With funds leveraged from their successful campaigns, FAIS has been able to:


  • Source cutting-edge books and resources for their students in 2019
  • In 2020, support teachers and community members affected by COVID-19 financial hardships
  • Make renovations to their gym in 2021
  • And in 2022, build an outdoor learning space in their campus forest

Our Approach

Having worked with FAIS for the past four years, we’ve built lasting relationships to deepen our messaging and nearly double our impact. When FAIS approached us in 2019 to help them raise funds to expand teacher resources, we wanted to tell a story that centered the classroom. Filming almost 20 interviews with parents, teachers, and students of all ages, we crafted a story that showcased the ways FAIS educators reach their students personally and engage them critically.



Returning to campus in 2020, we blended original footage we’d taken onsite at the beginning of the year with Zoom-recorded interviews to showcase the ways FAIS has championed distanced learning while doubling down on student and family engagement, even in the hardest of times. Their 2020 fundraiser, hosted digitally, raised nearly twice the amount of the previous year’s gala.


In 2021 we broke records yet again when we worked with them to produce a creative series of events for their online fundraiser to raise money for renovations of their gym. And most recently in 2022, we produced another video to help raise funds for an outdoor learning space in their campus forest.

The Result

“We worked with Bridge City on a special appeal video for our school gala. 

When the event was canceled, and the special appeal changed, Bridge City was incredibly adaptive and helped us tell our new story in a unique way, utilizing old footage and new Zoom interviews. The result was outstanding, and we raised twice our goal! Thank you to Bridge City for their professionalism, adaptability, and awesome end product. We can’t wait to work with them again!”

— Shawna Foster, Director of Development, French American International School

We also created a series of promotional videos that highlight some of the school’s unique values: their IB curriculum, the Middle School program, and the language immersion program to be used in click campaigns. 


The primary videos were shown during the gala event, and played an integral role in meeting the year’s fundraising goals. The shorter social spots have been used to attract more prospective parents of hopeful future students.

Videos Produced
Successful Fundraisers
Interviews Filmed
Dollars Raised

2021 Fundraising Video

In 2021, we produced a video to help raise funds to renovate their gym.

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2020 Fundraising Video

The 2020 video helped raise funds for families greatly effected by the COVID-19 economic crisis.

2019 Fundraising Video

The 2019 video told the story of the teachers’ importance in the lives of the students.

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Erik Croswell: Director, Asst. Video/Edit (2019-22)

Erik Eagon: Lead Video (2019-20), Lead Editor (2019-20)

Anchitta Noowong: Lead Editor (2021-22)

Ziad Elkawlak: Asst. Video (2020)

Ryan Yackel: Asst. Video (2020)

Teri Walters: Assistant Director (2022)

Anthony Hamblin: DP (2022)