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DENNIS Uniform

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The Project

We’ve worked with DENNIS Uniform on a variety of external and internal-facing company videos: a commercial campaign, user tutorial videos, and company culture/ history videos.

Our first project with them in 2022 involved creating three different videos:

  • A Company ‘About’ Video
  • a sizing tutorial
  • and a website ordering tutorial video

We filmed across two filming days at multiple booked locations, hired actors, produced custom animations, and coordinated with their marketing team on scripting to ensure we had an on-brand and effective message of the videos to integrate into their marketing mix.

Through these videos, we increased DENNIS Uniform’s brand awareness, showcasing their strong e-commerce, great customer service and excellent storefront.

In 2023 we worked on a larger company video that showed the intersection of different companies that make up DENNIS Uniform that have been acquired over the last decades. We created a company culture video on “A Company of Families” which had us traveling to Miami and San Francisco to do interviews with corporate partners and weave together a story of how these companies have come together to support one united vision.

Our Approach

We worked closely with DENNIS Uniform’s marketing and communications department to integrate into their branding process. We created script and storylines that highlighted the company’s high attention to quality and customer service. We hired and coordinated with four models to bring the script to life. Over the course of two days, we gathered footage to produce and deliver one promotional company video, two informative videos and 20+ edited photos. We also delivered a shortened video optimized for social media, including the creation of custom 2D animations.

For our Company of Families video, we travelled to two other states and did virtual interviews, and wove together hours of narrative content to support one consolidated story of the company and produced a large bank of content to be used for future projects. We also worked on small production teams and coordinated strategically with the client to keep travel costs low.

The Result

“Everyone at Bridge City Media was creative, professional, and wonderful to work with!

They were responsive and good at managing timelines. Erik always took the time to explain the video-making process when I had questions. They also incorporated my suggestions in a positive way. I would definitely recommend them and will be happy to work with them again in the future.”

— Jen Gillette, Senior Art Director, DENNIS Uniform

How to Measure | Dennis Uniform

We produced a video about how to correctly measure your child for your DENNIS uniform. Using original video, voiceover, and some custom animations.

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How to Shop | Dennis Uniform

Using screen capture, original video content, simple graphics and titling, we also produced a video on how to navigate the Dennis Uniform website.

About | Dennis Uniform

A promotional video for DENNIS Uniform. Concepts emphasizing the role of home, family, and uniforms in setting up students for success as they learn and play at school. Detail shots of uniform materials showcase texture, versatility, simplicity, and reliability of the products.

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A Company of Families | Dennis Uniform

Explore the heritage and dedication behind Dennis Uniforms in this about video, weaving together family lines and histories represented through people working together to unfold a patterns of fabric, family photos, personal testimonies, and video of their work spaces.

Erik Croswell: Director, Producer, Photography
Elaine Akamian: Production Assistance
Eduardo Jovanovic: 2nd Video, Assistant Editing
Anchitta Noowong: Lead Editor

Mona Eskayo: Creative Direction and Scripting

Nathan Hoss: DP

Teri Walters: Production Asst., VO Coordinator

Cassidy Keola: Production Asst.
Cast: Jada Gamboa, Jace Gamboa, Sarah Brody Webb, Laura Schwarz