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The Project

Cvent is your all-in-one solution for seamless event management, marketing, and registration, catering to virtual, hybrid, and live events. Their software offers a comprehensive platform, empowering you to host successful events for all audiences, anytime.

We produced video content for their “We’ve Got You Covered” campaign including a two minute marketing video and 4 shorter and lighter toned videos for use as promotional material highlighting different uses of Cvent’s software. We were approached to produce these videos to support online branding campaigns and to use for content at company events to better personify three of their primary users: Marketers, Planners, and Attendees.

Our Approach

We created these videos in coordination with Cvent’s marketing team, sourcing multiple locations in Portland, OR to create a video showing how you can use Cvent software to coordinate and attend an event. This required assembling branding, talent, location, art direction, and animation. The Cvent demand generation team coordinated with a UK-based company to put together the script. We then were tasked with securing our locations and talent and organizing our filming to happen across four filming days. We rented two airbnb’s and a couple of studio spaces from Peerspace to illustrate our characters’ home offices, work spaces, and event locations. 


Additional media content produced for this project included cut down versions of final videos, optimized for multiple platforms.

Badges | Cvent

One of the four accelerator videos we did in conjunction with the “We’ve Got You Covered” campaign. This video demonstrates it’s hassle-free badge generation and efficient distribution abilities.

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Cost | Cvent

Cvent excels in helping you to optimize expenses, ensuring budget-friendly and successful events

Kick Off | Cvent

Planning an impactful kick off for any event is a breeze with Cvent. See how their product simplifies coordination for smooth and successful beginnings.

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Leads | Cvent

Discover streamlined lead collection by making event-based client connections easier and more efficient than ever before.

The Result

“YAY – the event pro edit looks great!  Thank you for the help! Appreciate you so much! We’re happy with how everything has come together “

— Demand Generation Team

Erik Croswell: Producer

Karlee Boon: Director, PA

Eduardo Jovanovic: DP

Nathan Hoss: 2nd Video, Gaffer

Brandon Katcher: Drone, 2nd Video

Quincy Woo: Lead Editor

Elaine Akamian: Animator

Cast: Teresa Horseman, Billy Dunston, Kylie Jackson