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Video Production for Tech Startups

Flawlessly Bringing the One-of-a-Kind Story of Your Tech Startup to Life

These days, a strong video marketing campaign is a must for getting a tech startup up and running. But with so many video production companies out there, how do you decide which one is the best choice for your business?


At Bridge City Media, we understand that no two startups are alike. As Google’s top-rated video production company in Oregon, you can trust us to bring your stories to life with quality, care, and integrity.


Your trust is of the utmost importance to us. We’ve been telling our client’s stories and deepening their brands since 2016, and we’d love to include you in our family of satisfied customers. Find out more about why we’re the top choice in a video production company for tech startups.


See Our Video Production for Tech Startups in Action

At Bridge City Media, we get video production for tech startups. Check out one of our latest Tech Startups video projects below. 


NapDetect is an innovative app designed to keep drivers alert and safe during road trips by alerting them if they become distracted or drowsy, or are falling asleep. 


Our team incorporated the use of animated overlay, a variety of perspectives, as well as a few drone shots to create a promotional campaign and a startup tutorial video to help users get set up on the NapDetect platform.


Click here to view the case study for this project. 

We Specialize in Video Production and Marketing for Tech Startups

If you’re like most startups, you have a vision in mind for your video production.


Whether you’re ready to pull out all the stops for an epic commercial or start small with a simple website video, Bridge City Media can help.


We’ll write the script, film the shots, and coordinate the entire project right down to the most minute detail.


Here are just a few examples of the possibilities for video production for tech startups:


  • Ad campaigns
  • Website about videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Digital fundraisers and galas
  • Training videos
  • 2D animation and infographics


And we don’t just produce your video. We can also help you distribute it as part of your marketing campaign. 


We are experts at creating effective social media and Google ad campaigns to help get your message before the eyes of your target audience. 


Contact Bridge City Media today to get a quote on your video production project.

FAQs About Video Production for Tech Startups

What Is Your Process for Tech Startup Video Production?

Every tech startup client is different.


And while we cater to the individuality of each client, Bridge City Media follows the same basic roadmap for every project.


Our 5-step process for video production for tech startups looks like this:


  1. Exploration — We hit the ground running with a discovery meeting, including a deep dive into the nuances of your brand to discover your wants, needs, and goals for this video project.
  2. Big ideas — Once we’re tuned in to your mission and brand, we put our heads together to brainstorm high-quality, innovative content that aligns with your brand and vision.
  3. Strategy — Next, we formulate a customized strategic outline — from scripting to shot lists to distribution plans — to make your tech startup video production project a success,
  4. Production — After the shoot, the magic begins as we edit, clip, and add all the bells and whistles to your video.
  5. Launch — We’ll help you get your brand front and center through our custom distribution plans and proven video marketing strategies.

Where Do You Offer Video Production for Tech Startups?

We service businesses throughout Portland, OR, but we are also willing to do projects across Oregon and the U.S. 


Since 2016, Bridge City Media has served over 100 nonprofits and businesses across Portland and beyond, helping them tell their stories. 


We offer video production in Portland and the surrounding areas, including:


  • Portland
  • Tigard
  • Gresham
  • Tualatin
  • Beaverton
  • Clackamas
  • Hillsboro
  • Vancouver
  • Lake Oswego


We also travel nationwide to provide video production for tech startups throughout Oregon and across the country.

How Much Does Video Production for Tech Startups Cost?

Bridge City Media can work within a wide variety of budgets, and we’re able to create a tech startup video that fits within your marketing strategy and gives you a great return on your investment. 


Simply provide us with as many details as possible about your project, and we’ll have a quote back to you within one business day.

What Evidence Is There That Your Video Production Services Will Help My Tech Startup?

At Bridge City Media, we get results. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. 


We showcased an example of one of our tech startup video production case studies earlier, but we have over a dozen case studies on our website from businesses of all shapes and sizes. 


Check out for yourself how we’ve highlighted the brands, strategies, and campaigns of a wide variety of businesses, nonprofits, and more.


Plus, we feature testimonials from many of our satisfied customers. And if these examples aren’t enough to prove to you that we are the best video production company for your tech startup, just ask us to see more.


We are a trusted brand with proven results, and we’re confident that we can get results for your tech startup.

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying

Sarvenaz Sarkhosh, CEO of BitAnimate (creators of the NapDetect app) had this to say about working with Bridge City Media:


The Bridge City Media created tutorial and promo videos for our upcoming new app, and they did an excellent job. They did everything to make sure our project was successful and delivered videos that exceeded all expectations. Being honest and committed, collaborative, detail-oriented, resourceful, and self-motivated are some of the qualities that make a good team player, and the Bridge City Media team demonstrated all of these qualities and more.

David Fosberg, Chief Marketing Officer at VR Motion Corp. said


The team at Bridge City Media is who I count on for creative, professional, and eye-catching videos. They not only possess an artful eye for their video craft, but they are also outstanding collaborators and communicators that make projects run smoothly. With high-quality work, a keen focus on execution, and the ability to stay on time and on budget, I look forward to working with them again.

What Other Services Do You Provide for Tech Startups?

Bridge City Media offers much more than just video production for tech startups. We’re also experts in:


  • Digital marketing
  • Brand strategy and design
  • Brand photography

Your tech startup video is just the launching pad to the creation of a whole campaign to get your tech startup noticed.

Why Should My Tech Startup Choose Bridge City Media for Video Production?

At Bridge City Media, we go beyond video creation. We’re a vibrant team of artists, strategists, visionaries, and big-picture thinkers. And with 20+ years of combined experience in video production and brand strategy, we have what it takes to get your tech startup off the ground and making an impact in the wide world of technology. 


As an added benefit, since almost everything we create is done in-house, we have the luxury of developing a deep relationship with our team as a unit and with each and every client. 


We’re the highest-rated video production company in Oregon on Google for a good reason.