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Video Production for Small Business

We Will Bring the Story of Your Small Business to Life With Flawless Execution

In this day and age, you know it’s important to have videos that represent your brand — but with so many video production companies out there, it’s hard to know which one is for you.

At Bridge City Media, we recognize that every business is unique. We are the top-rated video production company in Oregon on Google for a reason — because you can trust us to bring your stories to life with care and integrity.

Since 2016, we’ve told stories addressing the biggest issues of our time for over 100 businesses across our city and beyond. We’d love to include you in our family of satisfied customers.

We’ll dig in and get to know your brand, then build stories to deepen that brand and support strategic calls to action. Not only do we provide video production for small businesses, but we can also help you explore your …

  • Brand strategy and design
  • Brand photography; and
  • Digital marketing

    … options.

See Our Video Production for Small Business in Action

We understand video production for small businesses. An example of one of our latest video projects is for a local small business, SoxsolS, which you can view below. You can also see our case study for this project here.

SoxsolS is an Oregon-based insole company that originally reached out wanting to film a 30-second creative commercial. This would have been a great start, but after meeting with their team, we decided to shake things up a bit.

We all agreed that this company needed fresh, creative branding and marketing assets. So we focused on rebranding SoxsolS as the smart solution to sweaty feet.

We did this by producing:


  • A new web layout
  • Custom icons
  • A new brand/messaging guide; and
  • Graphic content for their online listings


This is an example of how we’re happy to give you what you want, but we’d like to take it a step further by providing you with what your small business needs.

Feeling ready to launch your next video project?

We Specialize in Small Business Video Production and Marketing

What’s your vision for video production?

We can pull out all the bells and whistles for a show-stopping commercial or keep it simple with a video designed for your website.

No matter the direction you’d like to take, we will handle everything for your small business. We’ll build the narrative, film the shots, and coordinate it all down to the smallest detail.

Some examples of our small business video production include:

  • Website about videos
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Digital galas and fundraisers
  • Testimonial and training videos
  • 2D animation and infographics

Once the video is produced, Bridge City Media would love to help you distribute it as part of your marketing campaign. We are skilled at creating effective Google and social media ad campaigns to get your message in front of your target audience.

Contact Bridge City Media today to get a quote on your project.

Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying

FAQs About Video Production for Small Business

Even though every small business client is different — and we treat you as such — Bridge City Media follows the same basic roadmap when taking on a project.

Our 5-step process for small business video production looks like this:

  1. Exploration — We start with a discovery meeting, doing a deep dive into your brand and finding out your wants, needs, and goals for this video project.
  2. Big ideas — After we become subject matter experts on your mission and brand, we brainstorm big ideas to develop high-quality, innovative content.
  3. Strategy — We create a custom-tailored, strategic plan to make your small business video production project a success, from scripting to shot lists to distribution plans.
  4. Production — After completing the shoot, we make the magic happen when we edit, clip, and add all the bells and whistles to your video production.
  5. Launch — We’ll help propel your brand through custom distribution plans and proven video marketing strategies.

Bridge City Media’s tried-and-true process is what makes us better than other small business video production companies.

We service small businesses throughout Portland, OR, but we are also willing to do projects statewide and even nationwide. We offer video production in Portland and surrounding areas like:


  • Portland
  • Tigard
  • Gresham
  • Tualatin
  • Beaverton
  • Clackamas
  • Hillsboro
  • Vancouver
  • Lake Oswego

Our services aren’t limited to businesses in Oregon! We’re happy to travel across the country to provide video production services to brands throughout the United States.

We can work within a wide variety of budgets and would love to create something that fits your marketing strategy and gives you a great return on investment.

When you’re ready, provide us with as many details as possible about your project, and get a quote within one business day.

Don’t just take our word for it.

We showed you an example of one small business video production case study earlier, but we have over a dozen more on our website. These studies show how we’ve highlighted the brands, strategies, and campaigns of various small businesses, nonprofits, and more.

Our site also features testimonials from many of our satisfied customers. If these examples aren’t enough to show you that we are the best video production company for small businesses, we can provide you with more.

We are a trusted brand with proven results.

We don’t just offer video production for small businesses. We’d also be thrilled to help you with your:


  • Brand strategy and design
  • Brand photography
  • Digital marketing


Using your videos as a starting point, we will build a whole campaign to get your small business noticed.

We like to describe ourselves as a team of artists, strategists, and big-picture thinkers. We have over 20 years of combined experience in video production and brand strategy.

Since we create almost everything we do in-house, we are truly able to grow deep relationships with our clients and with each other as a unit. We’re the highest-rated video production company in Oregon on Google for a reason.

As a B Corp and Benefit Corporation for Good, we back our values with action and accountability. We don’t just want to produce videos — we want to do some good in this world.


We’re the top-ranked video production in Oregon on Google, but we’ve also won these accolades:


  • Expertise’s 2021 and 2021 lists for best advertising agencies in Portland
  • Manifest’s 2022 and 2023 top 10 visual effects companies in Portland


We’re proud that our hard work has been recognized by top industry leaders.

Our values are important to us, and for this reason, Bridge City Media prioritizes working with small businesses that align with our ideals. Our ethos and methods aren’t going to be a good fit for everyone.

We aren’t just in this business to make money. Our values guide the ways we make decisions, run our workplace, and engage our communities. Over the years, we’ve built rigorous internal and external policies that help us stay true to our team, city, and planet.

One of our goals when working with your small business is to build honest strategies and content that reflect the character of your company while speaking directly to your audience.

Your small business can feel safe with Bridge City Media.

Feeling ready to launch your next video project?