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Video Production for Attorneys

Displaying Your Law Firm’s Brand With Care and Integrity

Video marketing is an integral part of businesses’ success — even for attorneys. That’s why Bridge City Media works diligently and thoroughly to create video production your firm can be proud of.

We understand there are many video production companies out there for you to choose from, but at Bridge City Media, we pride ourselves on the care and integrity we put into every project.

We’ve worked hard since 2016 to bring stories to life and portray various industries through our video production which has helped land us as the top-rated production company in Oregon on Google.

When it comes to video production for attorneys, we take the time to learn about your firm, your brand, your mission, and your message to help build a narrative and get your audience to take action. We can also help you with:

  • Brand strategy design
  • Brand photography; and 
  • Digital marketing
law firm video production

We Specialize in Attorney Video Production and Marketing

No matter what your video production dreams are, whether you’re hoping to create a full-blown masterpiece or keep things streamlined for your law firm’s website, we have a solution for you.


As soon as we receive your inquiry, we jump on a discovery call with you to learn all that we can to help create the video production you’re hoping for. We take the information from this call to help us:


  • Create the narrative
  • Plan the shots; and
  • Coordinate every detail


Our goal is for you to utilize your final video production to propel your brand forward and get your message out through proven marketing strategies.


When it comes to video production for lawyers, we can create:


  • Testimonial videos
  • Training videos
  • 2D animation and infographics
  • Advertising campaigns


Do you have something else in mind? Reach out for a discovery call. Bridge City Media is equipped and ready to help you create the video production your law firm is looking for.

FAQs About Video Production for Attorneys

What Is Your Process for Attorney Video Production?

Although every industry and client is different, we use the same basic video production process to help guide us through a project.


Our 5-step process for legal video production looks like this:


  1. Exploration We hop on a discovery call where we take a deep dive into your brand and gain insight into your wants, needs, and goals for your video production project.
  2. Big ideas We take everything we’ve learned and brainstorm big ideas to create innovative, high-quality content.
  3. Strategy — Here we create, script, and distribute plans. Our custom-tailored, strategic plan is designed to make your video production a success.
  4. Production We shoot your video and begin the process of editing, clipping, and adding all of the extra touches to your project.
  5. Launch — We help send your brand forward and distribute your message through proven plans and video marketing strategies.


Our process is tried and true, proven to be successful for many different industries all looking for different things.

Where Do You Offer Video Production for Attorneys?

We service businesses throughout Portland, OR, but we are also willing to do projects statewide and even nationwide. Since 2016, we’ve served 100+ businesses and nonprofits across our city and beyond, telling stories that address the biggest issues of our time.


We offer video production for attorneys in Portland and surrounding areas like:


  • Portland
  • Tigard
  • Gresham
  • Tualatin
  • Beaverton
  • Clackamas
  • Hillsboro
  • Vancouver
  • Lake Oswego


We also travel nationwide to provide video production services to brands across the country.

How Much Does Video Production for Attorneys Cost?

We can work within a wide variety of budgets and would love to create something that fits within your law firm’s marketing strategy and gives you a great return on investment.


Once you provide us with as many details as possible about your project, we can create a quote within one business day.

What Evidence Is There That Your Video Production Services Will Help My Law Office?

We like to let our work speak for itself. We not only offer video production for attorneys, but we also consult with many other types of businesses and create media just for them.


Our website also features many testimonials from our satisfied customers. If these video productions and customer testimonials aren’t enough to prove that we can provide you with the results you’re hoping for, we’ve got more.


We are a trusted brand with proven results — our clients say so.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Mohamed Salim Bahamadi, founder & director of HAKI Community Organization


They did great work and I’m so appreciative of their care in helping our community tell its story. They are always quick to respond and take great care in the quality of their work. I’ve enjoyed working with them and plan to hire them again in the future. 

David Fosberg


The team at Bridge City Media is who I count on for creative, professional, and eye-catching video. They not only possess an artful eye for their video craft but they are also outstanding collaborators and communicators that make projects run smooth. With high-quality work, keen focus on execution, and the ability to stay on time and on budget, I look forward to working with them again.

Why Should My Law Firm Choose Bridge City Media for Video Production?

Bridge City Media is a B Corp and a Benefit Corporation for Good, meaning we back ourselves with both action and accountability. We hope our videos provide some good in the world, and our team of artists, strategists, and big-picture thinkers work hard to accomplish that with every project we complete.


We have over 20 years of combined experience in video production and brand strategy and are the top-ranked video production company in Oregon on Google.


We hope you recognize the pride we take with every video production and trust us to create what you’re looking for when it comes to video production for attorneys.

How Do You Decide Which Attorneys You Will Work With?

We aren’t here to just make money off of our clients. We truly value the work of our clients and prioritize working with those that have values similar to our own. 


We understand we might not be a good fit for everyone, so we follow rigorous internal and external policies that help us stay true to our team, city, and planet.


Our ideals influence the way we make decisions, engage with our community and clients, and are a part of everything that we do. We want to be sure that each law firm we choose to work with allows us to stay true to our values, just as we’d hope you would stay true to yours during the video production process.