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Talking Video Production And Perseverance With “All Of Your Business” Podcast

We got to talk business with one of our favorites.

In late 2021, Bridge City Media founder and director Erik Croswell sat down with Michael Jonas, owner of the community-based business law firm Rational Unicorn Legal Services and the host and co-producer of All of Your Business, a Portland-based podcast featuring the authentic, vulnerable, unfiltered stories of business owners whose currents raise tides that lift all of our businesses, communities, and dreams. We’ve been big fans of Michael for a long time, so it was pretty cool to get to talk more in-depth with him about our journey to becoming a socially-responsible business.

It was an honor to talk with Michael about the ins and outs of business partnership, what it looks like to grow as a small business, what it means to be a socially responsible business and more.

Our director Erik dove deep into the nitty grittys of video production and how we translate our business model to a handful of high-value services — from our bread-and-butter of creating “About” videos for small- to medium-size businesses to being a local, subcontracted camera crew for out-of-town producers, to our branding, copywriting, and design work. Erik also got the chance to talk about his dream of socially responsible businesses changing the world for good, and the actual complications that come when you get down to the how of social responsibility.

These are the kind of insights we wished someone shared with us when we were just starting out, so many years ago, as video production enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Want to hear the episode yourself? Stream it below or find us on your favorite streaming service.

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