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Script To Screen: A Look Into The Creative Process

Story, lighting, camera, action!

Our creative team is here to support you at every step of the video production process and beyond. As an independent, Portland-based video production company, we bring the skills to support you in visioning, scripting, scouting, lighting, videography, and editing your video project. And with expertise in not just video but branding, messaging, and digital strategy, we help you launch not just a video but a story. (And strategy. Lots and lots of strategy.)

In the spirit of great video that brings your brand into the spotlight, here’s a peek into three key moments of our video production process:

1. Story is everything.

When our team gets the chance to know you, it shows.

 We always spend a chunk of time at the start of any project asking alllll the questions. We want to hear your origin stories, your triumphs, and all the lessons you learned along the way. (And we might even ask your shoe size or favorite color, but we promise it’ll be less awkward than a first date!) We search for the story, and more often than not we find it hidden in new and surprising places.

And with every good story comes a touch of spontaneity. As much as we love to plan, there’s always a kind of unplannable magic that comes out when all the right elements are in place. We love a good script, but we LIVE for the soundbites that take us by surprise. (To see what we mean, watch our 2021 video with Erin Hanson, a local Portland painter who was an on-screen star who gave us the kind of one-liners that make for content gold.)

2. For every production, a plan.

Project management may be the less-glamorous side of video production, but it’s just as important as the more flashy stuff.

Planning for a production isn’t just keeping track of deadlines and delegation, but determining details like location scouting, scripting, casting calls, film festival submissions, filming permits, studio space rentals, budgets, and oh-so-much more.

Whether it’s logistics, storyboarding, design details, animation plans, or brand know-how, our approach to project management keeps our clients’ needs and timelines at the forefront, while getting our crew (and our cameras!) ready to go for shoot day. Once we hit our stride, we check in at all the key milestones to make sure we’re charting our way towards your vision. (And our values. We know that when we have the time to plan we’re better able to make the kind of work and build the kind of relationships we’re proud of.)

3. Editing, with a touch of magic. (Or just a really good typeface.)

Editing video is part patience, part magic.

No matter how many hours of footage we combed through, no matter how many rounds of feedback we worked from, your final video’s always going to have that glimmer of an expert edit. Our editing process is all about bringing the pieces together and putting that final touch on an expertly-strategized project plan.

Our editors think not just about the kind of story you’re telling through interviews and anecdotes, but also the small and subtle details like typography and transitions, the kinds of touches that sometimes speak even louder than words. Our editing process incorporates not just the best angles and cuts, but color correction, motion graphics, audio engineering, animation, infographics, voiceovers, and so many more post-production final touches. Whether you’re a startup, long-established organizationdecades-old business, or local nonprofit, we edit your video with a close attention to your brand, your voice, and your bottom line.

…And that’s just a peek into our process.
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