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Portland Subcontractor Video Crew For Hire

Trained and ready local video crew for your marketing agency or out-of-state video company

At Bridge City Media, we work with many of our own projects and clients, and we also take on a lot of projects brought to us as subcontracted projects from other video producers or complimenting agencies, such as advertising or consulting firms. We work with your company to integrate into your processes and wear the hats of your employees to get the job done by your timeline and your standards. We offer competitive and discounted pricing for our industry partners and you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a local crew that has a wealth of experience working with each other and is well attuned to the process of studying and matching brand guidelines, framerate/ codec preferences, and client voice.


We’re a great fit for local firms that may not directly offer video production as a service, but would like to add this as an option for their clients. Tell us about your scope, and we’ll send you a quote that’s been discounted from our standard rate, add on your own coordination costs to this for your clients and we’ll show up to the shoot representing your company as independent contractors.


We’re also a great fit for out-of-state video producers. We’ve worked with companies from California, Florida, New York, Illinois, etc and can offer rates that are much more cost effective than flying over your own crew. We meet to discuss process, equipment, shot lists, and can either meet you at the airport and be your local crew to direct, or you can trust us with producing, directing, writing, editing, and more! 

Pragmatic and cost-effective solution for your Oregon-based Project.

Options for Services

We can custom tailor quotes to compliment the parts of the scope you need the most help with

For a more simple project, we can show up at a location of your choosing, we can film requested scenes, and send you the footage online. We can also offer:

  • Script writing/ screenplays
  • Creative briefs
  • Location scouting
  • Filming
    • Interviews/ narrative focus
    • Commercial content for products/ services
    • Photography packages
    • Drone videography 
  • Post-Production
    • Narrative timeline editing
    • Color correcting
    • Sound editing
    • 2D Animation/ motion graphics
  • Strategy/ consultation for distribution
Options for Crew

We produce high-end commercials, documentaries, and also simple social media videos

Based on the need for your project, we’ll customize the crew needed for your production to fit your team


Samples of crew:

  • Single DP- Just need someone with a camera, a gimbal, sound, and a few lights? We’ve got you covered and can get some great B Roll for your production
  • Light narrative crew- A Director/Producer and DP can bring all regular necessary equipment to a shoot and coordinate interviews or a simple narrative
  • Small commercial crew- A four-person crew of a director/producer, an AD/ PA, a DP, and a Gaffer/ Grip can assemble to produce most high-quality simple commercial content
  • Full production crew – For larger projects, we can assemble 5-8 person crews to support more complex, robust productions.
Options for Gear

We’ve got our own kit, and can coordinate/ rent out additional gear as needed. We don’t charge extra for gear that’s already in our kit!

  • (2x) Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6k Pro Cameras
  • Variety of EF-Mount Lenses
  • Gimbals and sliders
  • Drones
  •  3-Point lighting and a variety of accent lighting design options
  • Tripods, sandbags
  • Light touchup makeup kit

Feeling ready to launch your next video project?