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The Project

A new sports entertainment venue in Tigard, Sim Golf approached us for help in putting together a starter pack of media assets to inform potential clients about their entertainment and event services.


This project focused on spreading awareness of Sim Golf and branding it as the new local hotspot  for an evening of fun with friends or special occasion with family.

Our Approach

We worked with Sim Golf to produce a single 60-90 second About video, using a scripted narrative, interview sequences with employees and guests, original footage, simple graphics and titling.


Using original footage , we also delivered four short-form videos optimized for social media, a silent banner video and over 30 edited photos.

The Result

“BCM did a whole digital media package for my business, SIM Golf.”

We are very satisfied. The videos provided were amazing, very high quality and professional. I recommend BCM for any company looking to grow their business with professional videos.

— Nick Kassab, title, Sim Golf

A Night Out With Friends Social Spot

This video shows Sim Golf as the place for an evening of fun with friends while still showcasing its  impressive state-of-the-art tech.

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Watching Sports

Designed for social media, this short-form video shows Sim Golf as the ultimate sports-watching venue.

Family Fun

Sim Golf is also the place for classic, American family fun.

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Teri Walters: Project Manager

Erik Croswell: 2nd Video, Photographer

Ziad Elkawlak: DP, Photographer
Anthony Hamblin: DP