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The Project

A new software brand, Opsivity offers field teams cloud-based knowledge at their fingertips to resolve issues faster through insight and know-how; thereby improving efficiency, productivity and safety. We first worked with Opsivity in 2021, covering their launch event. This project focused on creating an explainer video that showcases use cases of the software and identifies the values that it’s able to provide companies in a variety of industries.



In collaboration with marketing strategy work with Ovo, we produced a content package that effectively introduces the technology and brand to the market as both an innovative technical leader and highly accessible, user-friendly solution to break-fix projects.

Our Approach

In order to create informative videos that showcased the technology and brand, we worked with Opsivity to develop narratives that showcased the various case uses across multiple industries. We hired voiceover talent and closely coordinated with a member of the Opsivity team to produce narration. Using archival footage, provided photos/videos and original graphics, we edited three onboarding videos for administrators, technicians and SMEs. 

The Result

Lots of great work and collaboration here for sure.”

“I am very pleased with how this has turned out. Lots of great work and collaboration here for sure. The Cut-Downs were nice as well and I know that must have been quite a challenge to cover the most important bases while keeping to a compressed run-time. I am really happy with the use of UI Screens and I recognize that was a real challenge, so thanks for hanging in there with us and spanning several time zones in the process. I really like how the Outro came out as well. Thanks again for the fine work!”

— David Fosberg, Chief Customer Officer, Opsivity

Technician Tutorial

Using animations, screen recordings and footage, we produced a tutorial video to instruct technicians on how to use the technology.

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2021 Launch Event

In 2021, we oversaw Opsivity’s launch event. We produced a 90-minute video that covered the full event and a highlight video of the launch. We also delivered company headshots of key staff members and edited event photos.

Erik Croswell: Director

Ziad Elkawlak: DP and Lead Editor

Cody McDonald: Photographer and 2nd Video

Anthony Hamblin: 2nd Video

Anchitta Noowong: Editor (tutorial videos)