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The Project

We were hired on to produce a creative video to premiere the Portland artist, No1’s public debut as a local icon and experiential artist. We filmed the main video over the course of a few months and visited dozens of locations across Oregon to show a story of a zany TV avatar explore what it means to “Be Weird”. 

Our Approach

The project involved coordination of permits with city organizations, getting out on the river, tying into rooftops, and directing scenes with some Portland legends like the Unipiper and Darcelle. We started with some basic storyboard concepts and went through a few iterations of storyline before filming. We also helped produce the main song which features more than 30 translations of the phrase “Be Weird” in various languages.

The Result

“Bridge City Media has helped me immensely in not only capturing my ideas and bringing them to life, but also in conceptualizing and creating new ideas.

We filmed my first music video last year and I had an incredible time learning/creating with their team. We filmed at many diverse locations! I was able to convey my message about overcoming inner conflicts such as anxiety, depression, fear and doubt with our first video. I am looking forward to filming more with them this year!”

— No1

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“Love One Another” Rooftop Video

We did a short, fun project of No1 and his buddy, The Portland Sleestak as they hung out and danced on the roof of the Fair-Haired Dumb Bell building.

2022 Sunflower Festival

We filmed No1, The Unipiper, and Sleestak attend Tualatin’s Sunflower Festival as they made quite the appearance in a classic Volkswagen Beetle.

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Weird Portland United Tulip Festival 2023

Music video featuring Weird Portland United’s day out to the Wooden Show Tulip Farm’s annual Tulip Festival. 

How Sleestak Got His Heart Back 

Short film featuring Weird Portland United characters. No1 joins forces with friends to regain his powers and teach Sleestak a lesson in compassion and self acceptance. Filmed at Green Anchors and the Love Dock.

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Main Video
Erik Croswell: Director, Photography

Saleh Alzughaibi: 1st Video, Lead Editor

Erik Eagon: 2nd Video, Drone
Anthony Hamblin: 2nd Video


Sunflower Festival Video

Anchitta Noowong: Assistant Director, Lead Editor
Nate Hoss: 1st Video
Joaquin Herrera: 2nd Video, Drone

Rooftop Video
Erik Croswell: Director, Photography
Brandon Katcher: 1st Video, Drone
Anchitta Noowong: Editor

How Sleestak Got His Heart Back
Erik Croswell: Director, Photography, 2nd Cam
Nathan Hoss: DP
Elaine Akamian: Editor