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The Project

This innovative safety app was released on iOS and Android markets in 2021. We created a promotional campaign and a startup tutorial video to help users get setup on the platform. Our mix of composed scenes and animations produced from their patented facial detection software showcases the ingenuity of their tech.

Our Approach

Our approach was extremely careful as we knew we’d be producing content that was to be used for a product launch in multiple countries, while also being careful to abide by language that did not sensationalize or decontextualize the technology that was used for road safety. We produced a shorter form promotional piece as well as a tutorial video that guided users through the first few steps with getting the app setup on their phone and calibrated to their faces.


We went into our filming day with a script and the storyboard drawn out and needed to be specific about each camera angle as we were needing to use an animated overlay on the actor’s face as well. Our mix was a variance of perspectives of the driver setting up in a truck cab, clips of driving through different scenarios and times of day, as well as a few drone shots. Our result was a happy client and a successful launch for their new tech.

The Result

“The Bridge City Media created tutorial and promo videos for our upcoming new app and they did an excellent job.”

They did everything to make sure our project was successful and delivered videos that exceeded all expectations.
Being honest and committed, collaborative, detail-oriented, resourceful, and self-motivated are some of the qualities that make a good team player, and the Bridge City Media team demonstrated all of these qualities and more.

Sarvenaz Sarkhosh, CEO, BitAnimate

Additional Work

In addition to the longer form tutorial video, we produced variations of the promo video to be translated in Mandarin Chinese. We were careful to use both a direct translation and a cultural translation process to ensure the messaging of the videos were socially and contextually accurate.

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Erik Croswell: Director, Asst. Edit

Ziad Elkawlak: Lead Video, Lead Editor