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The Project

FactoryWiz is a machine monitoring and support software company used in the manufacturing industry for 30+ years.

For their implementation of a new product and branding refresh, we created informative and promotional video content to support a wide array of needs for online platforms, sales processes, and to showcase their innovative solutions provided for CNC Communications and Machine/Event Monitoring Systems for the manufacturing industry.

Our Approach

We produced a series of video and photo assets for FactoryWiz as explainer content for their software, with varying cut downs positioned for different target groups and additional cut downs for social and ad campaigns.

Our project priorities included:

  • Conveying FactoryWiz’s brand and showcasing their work
  • Demonstrating their software’s excellent user experience
  • Breaking the mold of being perceived as a one-dimensional company by exhibiting the breadth of product solutions offered


We coordinated two filming days at a manufacturing location in Tacoma, WA. The final project included two variations of a 3 minute explainer video for technical and executive audiences, 30 and 15 second cut downs for advertising purposes, a 20 second silent banner cutdown for use on their website, as well as 30+ edited photos from our filming days.

Commercial Spot | FactoryWiz

Commercial for FactoryWiz’s CNC Communications and Machine/ Event Monitoring Systems for the manufacturing industry.

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Play Video

Explainer Video

Showcasing FactoryWiz’s innovative solutions provided for CNC Communications and Machine/ Event Monitoring Systems. 

The Result

“I would highly recommend Bridge City Media for anyone looking for high-quality videos. 

— Tyler Howk | Graphic Design/ Marketing Coordinator

Their exceptional team of professionals, along with their commitment to excellence, ensures a final product that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. It can be challenging putting together a project regarding a software product release. You can run into hurdles like changing deadlines, feature swaps, branding differences, internal vs. external creative debates, etc…BCM was a great partner throughout.

Erik Croswell – Project Manager
Quincy Woo – Editor
Karlee Boon- Director
Nathan Hoss- Director of Photography
Eduardo Jovanovic – 2nd Video
Nichele Touchton – Animator