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The Project

ECO Northwest is an economic consulting firm that works with a variety of clients and projects to provide insight and comprehensive fiscal analyses to inform investment decisions and strengthen policies. In 1974, Ed Whitelaw founded the firm and in the decades to come, it grew to be a team of a few dozen economists and advisors, and they’ve worked on hundreds of projects across public and private sectors.



Last year, in 2021, Ed passed away at the age of 80. Often known as a “disruptive visionary”, some of Ed’s most notable work was centered around forest preservation and the defense for the spotted owl and the concept of the “knowledge economy” in opposition to the Oregon timber industry, which had previously met very little public challenge.


This video project focused on creating a short documentary memorial video to be used for a celebration of life event and shared with Ed’s vast network of peers and colleagues.


Our Approach

This video was created through interviews with significant colleagues and combining creative use of original footage and archive content. Additionally, we created a shorter “founder story” video for ECO Northwest’s website, and a small series of additional content pieces for social media posts and web content.

Our priorities for this project included paying homage to Ed as a disruptive visionary, exemplifying ECO Northwest as a team of bold economists that shared Ed’s philosophy, and reinforcing confidence that the future of EC Northwest is bright as it moves onto the next chapter.

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The Result

“The team, guests, and family of Ed LOVED the video! Thank you so much.”

— Adam Lopez, Marketing and Communications Manager

Mattie Ngo: Project Manager

Erik Croswell: Producer

Eduardo Jovanovic: DP

Abby Anastacio: PA/Grip

Quincy Woo: Editor