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The Project

Clean Water Services is an organization and utility service that operates across a series of suburbs around the Portland metro area. They serve to clean up waterways and coordinate with partnerships on a wide array of projects pertaining to water, rivers, streams, etc. They had a larger operation in the Butternut Creek area that did a significant clean up and worked with a lot of volunteers. We created a two-minute project recap video that captures what they did, how they did it, and how it should have a positive impact on the area. They wanted to use this video as a case study so that they can clearly articulate to funders and community members the work that they’re doing and the necessity of continued efforts.

Our Approach

Our objectives for this project were to create a concise project recap for stakeholders, reinforce organization branding as a team of highly effective community advocates and environmental engineers and to create relatable and story-driven content to encourage higher rates of online engagement. We worked on capturing b-roll and a few interviews with volunteers and community partners to tell the story. We also created two versions— one with English subtitles and one with Spanish subtitles. 

The challenge was to balance of ecological language that was quite technical, and showed the scope of their work while also keeping it in layman’s terms to be understood by the general public. In order to properly convey this story, we did research on this type of environmental restoration work and met with the team several times before first visiting the site. Blending voices among project managers and community members helped to thoughtfully strike this balance.

The Result

“It was great working with them. We thought you all did a great job and would like to work with you again.”

— Clean Water Services Team

Erik Croswell: Director

Nate Hoss: DP
Anchitta Noowong: Editor

Cassidy Keola: PA, Sound