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Dazed and Confused? FAQs for First-Time Video Production Clients

Video production can get complicated. Luckily, we’ve got some answers for you.

This is the third of our four-part blog series for first-time clients. We’re covering all the details you might want to know before you get started on a project with us, from pre-production, shoot daypost-production, and FAQs.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients:

Q: What happens if we run out of hours for re-edits or go beyond our Scope of Work?

A: You may be given the chance to add on more hours if your agreement establishes a set amount of project hours — this flexibility may or may not be offered just depending on our team’s workload for the month, but we’ll certainly try and accommodate as best we can. Additional hours will typically cost a higher rate than the standard editing hours already included in the cost of the project. We try to avoid a need for additional hours by being very clear on expectations of the content and style we’ll be creating in the pre-production process.

Q: What if I want to pause the project or take some more time to give feedback on a project?​

A: You may pause your project in the pre-production process if a filming day has not already been scheduled. If a filming day has been scheduled, there may be additional costs affiliated with rescheduling, especially if studio space or additional equipment has already been rented. In the post-production process, we ask that you give feedback as soon as you’re able to or communicate with us about additional time needed, though typically this is almost never an issue. Please note that if we don’t hear from anyone on your team in the post production phase for more than 10 days, we may automatically close the project and send the final invoice.

Q: Am I able to use created content for whatever I want after it’s done?

A: Yes! Well, for the most part. We have pretty strict regulations on how we can use stock content. If you have a project that uses royalty-free music or stock video content, you may not tamper with the final edited file in any way. When we deliver a final video project to you, any distribution of that has to maintain it in its original form in order for you to remain protected of the content that would otherwise be copyrighted material.

Q: Am I allowed to work with other contractors at the same time as Bridge City Media on a project?

A: Yes you may, but you may not dictate how we coordinate with them. You must remain as their primary point of contact and manager, we will not do this for you, unless this is something we’ve agreed upon in your contract. For instance, you may contract us to manage your filming and hire someone else as the editor. But you can’t instruct us to delegate tasks to your editor, you need to manage that relationship.

Q: How long do projects take to be completed?

A: Most projects should take 60 days or less to complete, though many projects will take far shorter than this. If we feel a project may take longer than 60 days to complete, we will communicate this to you and confirm your consent before proceeding.

Q: What if I need to get a project done ASAP?

A: We will try to accommodate tighter deadlines as best we can, but also reserve rights to fall back on our policies for completing delegated tasks within 30 days. We ask that you please inform us of any tighter deadlines as soon as possible, so that we may best accommodate this. If something changes midway through a project and you need deliverables quicker than originally anticipated, we may be able to do this, but will likely require additional rush fees.

Q: How often can I expect to communicate with Bridge City Media?

A: We try to make sure we regularly communicate with you throughout the full process, and also try to limit our touchpoints so we don’t blow up your inbox. We typically will connect with you via email, but may schedule phone calls or video chats as well. You can expect any emails to be responded to within two business days.

Q: How many Bridge City Media team members will I be working with at Bridge City Media?

A: Typically, you’ll be working with 2 to 4 Bridge City Media team members and we will try to make sure you always have one main point of contact.

Q: Do you subcontract out other people to work on projects too?

A: Our team is made up of employees and regular, local independent contractors. There may be times that we will work with other contractors, but we try to keep our team as consistent as possible.

Q: Will my point of contact change during a project?

A: If we ever need to change your main contact, we will try and give ample notice of this. If, for any reason, your main point of contact changes during a project, we ask that you give our team as much notice as possible, and communicate our company expectations to any new points of contact from your team.

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