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Better Brands Get Social: Why Hire Out Your Social Media Management?

Engagement, Impressions and Reach, Oh My!

We’re excited to announce social media management as one of our new offerings! We shoot your photos and video, do our usual editing magic, write content that deepens your voice, and you get to spend your time, well, however you want!

Here are three reasons to elevate your platforms and let us handle the likes, comments, and follows:

1. Build support.

From Instagram to Facebook, social media networks can connect your business to people across the world.

Unlike traditional media, social networks are a two-way street. Not only can you interact directly with your customers, but your customers can provide valuable feedback about your brand as well. Social engagement paves the way for relationship-building and trust in your organization.

Use social media to:


Trying to target a niche market? Say you’re trying to sell eco-friendly, athleisure leggings for the frequent flyer. You may choose to market your product to the adventurous, environmentally-conscious travelers who live in Portland, OR. With the right search engine optimization and target strategy, social media is an effective tool to engage with the exact audience you have in mind. 

2. Grow your business.

Social media can not only raise brand awareness, it can also turn strangers into loyal customers.

Any business, regardless of size or budget, has the potential to grow using the right social media platforms. For example, a stranger may become aware of your business after seeing a photo of your product on her Instagram’s Explore page. She likes it, clicks your Instagram profile and follows your page. Now you have an interested consumer. After seeing more of your posts, she clicks the link in your Instagram bio and heads to your website to buy one of your products. Congratulations! You have just successfully converted a stranger into a customer.

3. Gain valuable insight.

Social listening allows you to understand what your customers are saying about your brand online.

Start by monitoring your social media channels for brand mentions or keywords related to your business. Then analyze these insights to learn what’s working or to build new opportunities. Learning about your customers’ likes, dislikes and interests is a key step in deepening and refining your marketing strategy. All major social networks provide free analytic tools that break down your audience demographics, so dig into these and channel your inner analytics geek.

Use social media analytics to:


  • Discover the latest trends to help you create relevant content that will grab your customers’ attention
  • Track which posts receive the best engagement on each social media platform
  • See what people are saying about your competitors
  • Analyze how other businesses are engaging with their audience to better your own marketing efforts


Want to learn more about our social skills? Head to our Social Media Management page for more on our approach, with case studies and analytics to back it all up.

Ready to reclaim your time and deepen your online presence?